GSheetBells documentation


GSheetBells concept is using the power and hosting of google sheets, to power a bell system that is easy to configure, reliable and perfectly on time, every time.

To build, it requires medium to high levels of technical knowledgeable - as this documentation is most defiantly not perfect. You will need to estimate some things.

If you get stuck, you can contact me, the Creator, at You can also make Pull Requests and raise issues with the code and documentation at the Github Repository here.

Rough Materials:
  • Access to 3D printer
  • Raspberry Pi (Types discussed in the next section )
  • Momentary switch, normal switch
  • led’s red + green + suitable resistors
  • Relay suited for your existing Bell System (Or tone generator if you have to, but it is not officially supported)
  • USB power for the Raspberry Pi + Ethernet cable