3D printing the Case

Case Model

I have made a template box off my design, only thing is it is done in Fusion 360, feel free to redesign it in a superior program (like blender). You will probably need to adjust the deign for your use case (switch sizes, LED’s, screw sizes, ect).

The template case is open to any changes, as it as fair load of printing problems.

3D printing

Usually, it’s not super hard to find a 3D printers; as it is an expectation to have them at high-schools, universities and large libraries. If you have no experience with 3D printing, it’s not hard to learn and usually, there will be a person that will be helpful around these things.

For the filament, use whatever cheapest, easy to print plastic lying around as it is not going to see much wear and tear. PLA is perfect for this kind of project.

Take your best guess at the settings considering your printers abilities, and let it off.



Make sure to remove any support

If you have goon for a custom case, well done, and you should prepare the case how you planed. Otherwise, you should no that the screws on the top lid is M5 and it doesn’t matter how long they are. A optional decoration is to paint the letters on the top and sides.

Putting all the connected wires and boards should be pretty easy, make sure you get the LED’s in the right holes, and the raspberry pi ethernet port